We believe in a healthy mix of hard work and getting to know everyone on our teams. We treat one another like family and celebrate each other’s successes, maintaining our values and culture along the way. Employees enjoy an excellent benefits package coupled with a welcoming environment that helps us attract some of the industry’s most outstanding talent.

In that time I have found that IFIC’s number one priority is it’s people, they take the time and effort to support and encourage every member of their staff. I can’t begin to express how lucky I feel to have found, and been asked to join this dedicated and talented underwriting team. I look forward to a continued relationship of professional growth, and success.



I have had the pleasure of being a part of IFIC for the past 2 years. During that time I have experienced a tremendous amount of professional growth and development thanks to the proactive approach of regional management as well as the accessibility of executive leadership in the home office. IFIC provides exceptional benefits, opportunities for advancement and they strongly support a work/life balance for all employees. IFIC maintains a great company culture and invests in the future of the industry through their commitment to all of the members on their team. With over 9 years in surety, my only regret is not making the move to IFIC sooner.

EXPERIENCED PROFESSIONAL (2 years with IFIC, 9 years in the surety industry)



IFIC is absolutely one of the best companies to work for! I can truly say I love my job and I am happy to come into work every day.  I am so appreciative of the opportunities IFIC has given me which has helped me greatly with my career.



What I most enjoyed about the program were the people I met. The trainees in my class were very close throughout the program and I still talk to most of them very frequently.  The people who trained us and spent time with us in the offices were all great too. I think I’m growing with the company almost every day. What I like about the job is that there are new challenges often. The thing I like most about the company is the people. I made some great friends and I really enjoyed everyone I met in the offices we trained in.

TRAINEE – 2013

My experience so far at IFIC has been more than the start of a career, but the start of many new amazing friendships and life experiences.  IFIC’s training program allowed me to meet new people, travel, and still earn a great salary.  Learning from highly experienced and talented people who have been in every aspect of the surety industry was also a great benefit.  I am very happy with the path I have taken with IFIC and am excited to help the company grow into the future.

TRAINEE – 2015

Experienced Professionals

As a member of IAT Insurance Group, we take pride in hiring and rewarding the best talent in our areas of expertise. Finding hardworking employees with integrity allows us to carry out our mission of providing the best customer service to our clients.

Explore the many opportunities we have to offer by viewing our current openings on the IAT Insurance Group Careers website: http://www.iatinsurancegroup.com/careers

Recent or Upcoming Graduates

We believe that our Underwriting Trainees are the building blocks of our future, and that is why our training program is designed to foster an exceptional workforce. We hire “the best and the brightest” and watch them flourish into the top surety underwriters in the marketplace. We are committed to growing our team from within because the success of our employees leads to the success of our business unit as a whole.

Equal Employment Opportunity

We provide equal opportunity for employment and promotion to all qualified employees and applicants on the basis of experience, training, education and the ability to perform regardless of race, religion, color, age, sex/gender, sexual orientation, national origin, gender identity, disability, marital status, veteran status, genetic information, ancestry or any other status protected by law.

Additionally, we are committed to providing an equal opportunity workplace that is free of discrimination and harassment.