We know surety. Our team is dedicated to four major lines, making us one of the most comprehensive sureties in the industry.

As a specialist in the surety business, our lines of business include the following: Contract, Commercial, Subdivision, and Specialty. Please click on the tabs below to read more about our expertise in each. IFIC was built on our team’s ability to establish, grow, and maintain long-term relationships with our agents and their valued clients, earning both the agent and Principal’s trust as a service-oriented, reliable surety provider. With deep expertise, we have the flexibility to underwrite based on both the tangible and intangible qualities of our clients and prospects. We focus the underwriting of each account or bond request based on its own individual merits.

To learn more about our offerings and how we can best accommodate your needs, please go to the “Locations” tab to find the Regional Office near you. An underwriting professional there will be happy to speak with you.